2017 Noxious Weed Notice

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Official Weed Notice

Town of Walworth

Walworth County, Wisconsin


Notice is hereby given to each person who owns, occupies or controls land in the Town of Walworth, County of Walworth, State of Wisconsin, to destroy all noxious weeds on such property before the plants bloom. The noxious weeds shall include but not be limited to the following: Canada Thistle, Common Ragweed, Great Ragweed, Leafy Spurge, Creeping Jenny, Goat’s Beard, Poison Ivy, Bull Thistle, Wild Parsnip, Burdock, Cocklebur, Pigweed, Common Lambsquarter, Curled Dock, Hemp, English Plantain, Redtop/ Johnson/Foxtail Grasses, Smartweed, Dandelions and Milkweed over 12” in height, Perennial Sow Thistle, Must Thistle, Field Bindweed, Giant Foxtail, Yellow Rocket, Yellow Mustard, Velvet Leaf, Wild Radish and Buckthorn Bush, WI Stats, 66.0407(4). Noxious Weeds shall be controlled at such time and in such a manner as will effectively prevent such plants from maturing to the bloom of flower stage.

The Weed Commissioner shall serve a 5-day written notice by mail to the owner or occupant of any lands upon neglecting to destroy noxious weeds. Failure to comply with this order within the time stated shall cause the commissioner to destroy such weeds or cause them to be destroyed in the manner deemed to be the most economical method and the expense thereof, including the cost of the billing and other necessary administrative expenses, shall be charged against such lots and be collected as a special tax thereon.


Town of Walworth

Marie Baker, Clerk-Treasurer