Fee Schedule 2015

Driveway Alteration to Right of Way Permit Form

Building Code Fees


FEE SCHEDULE: Effective March 10, 2015


Re-zones/Variances/Conditional Use Permits                    $250.00 Each

Certified Surveys                                                                $250.00 Each

Amendments                                                                       $125.00 Each

Misc. Plan Commission matters                                          $125.00 Each

Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment Fee                       $750.00 Each

Plus County $196.00 Fee and Publication Fees

Retail Cigarette License                                                      $100.00 Each

Alcohol License Fees:

Provisional Operator’s License                                 $ 15.00 Each

Operator’s License                                                    $ 30.00 Annual

(Plus $7.00 background check fee)

Retail Class “A” liquor                                             $500.00 Annual

Retail Class “A” malt beverage                                $100.00 Annual

Retail Class “B” liquor                                             $500.00 Annual

Retail Class “B” malt beverage                                 $100.00 Annual

Retail Class “C” wine                                               $100.00 Annual

(Plus $15.00 Publication cost)


Dog License:

Altered                                                                      $ 12.00 Annual

Unaltered                                                                   $ 27.00 Annual

Multiple                                                                    $ 40.00 Annual

Special Certificate Assessments                                          $ 25.00 Each

NSF checks                                                                         $ 25.00 Each

Copies                                                                                 $     .25 Each




Page 2:         FEE SCHEDULE: Effective March 10, 2015


Permit: Driveway/Alteration on Public Right-of-Way (See Attached Form)


Building Code Fees – (See Attached Building Code Fee Schedule)

Fees shall double if work is started without a permit



All fees are subject to change at any time by Town of Walworth Board Resolution.